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Designer Art Paper Uses and Ideas

I have a confession to make. Originally, I thought that these Designer Art Papers would be simply wrapping paper with my artwork patterns. But, little did I know the product was going to be such amazing quality that it could be used for so many more uses than simply wrapping a gift. So, today, I'm going to give you a list of ways you can use our Designer Art Paper. Get crafty people!

Wrapping Paper

I guess this is pretty self explanatory, but let me warn you that this wrapping paper is thick...lush even...and will give you a good workout while you are wrapping boxes too!


These large sheets of designer paper are perfect for cutting down to 12x12 or smaller for page backings or photo borders when you are scrapbooking. 

Card Making & Stamping

If you like scrapbooking, you have probably tried your hand at card making and stamping. Well, this designer art paper is PERFECT to use those projects. Basically it can substitute for any cardstock or paper you are using in your paper projects.

Drawer Liners

I love lining the drawers of my dressers with decorative paper before filling them with my clothes. It's a quick extra touch that feels like a little bit of self-care when I open my drawers each day and smile.

Furniture Refinishing

Furniture refinishing has had a big rebirth over the last few years. A new trend is using decorative paper on the front of drawers to give a little extra something special. I've seen cute examples of people using maps and now you can use our decorative art paper.  

Shelf Paper

Much like lining the drawers of your furniture, you can also put this designer paper on the shelves of your pantry or bookcase. 

Decoupage Craft Projects

Oh, I do love decoupage glue and the combo of this designer art paper and decoupage glue seem like a marriage made in heaven. Adorn it on unfinished wood pieces, glass dishes, keepsake boxes and more.

Framed as an Art Print

Just cut a piece of 8x10 designer art paper and frame it. It's the easiest and most inexpensive piece of art you can have on your wall.

Gift Bags

Use this paper to make your very own custom gift bags. Here's a little tutorial for you to follow.

Die Cut Designs/Letters

Teachers, I'm talking to you! This paper is perfect for cutting out your own custom letters for bulletin boards and more.


I think we all know that I'm a stationery much so that I know how to make my own envelopes. Want to see how to make your own mini-envelopes? Just click this link for our blog post.

Paper Flowers & Embellishments

 My idea of the perfect thing is the combo of paper and flowers. So, then if you make a flower out of flower artwork paper, then that is like the perfect TRIPLET! Here's a little tutorial for the easy spiral paper flower above.

Table Runner

Just connect a couple pieces of the paper together with a few pieces of tape and boom..table runner!

Photo Backdrop

Just hang the paper up on a wall behind the items you want to take a picture of and you have the perfect custom backdrop. It'll look like you have vintage wall paper in your house! 


Okay, so that's all the ideas I have for you today. I can't wait to see what projects you come up with using our Designer Art Papers.