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Pattern Play Calendar Project: DIY Mini Envelopes

Hopefully you have gotten your 2022 Pattern Play Calendar and if you remember, we told you it was SO much more than a calendar. Well, today, I'll showing you how you can turn one page of the calendar into a cute little envelope. This little envelope is perfect to give your honey a sweet Valentine. DIY photos and steps to follow. Have fun!
What you will need: 
One sheet from your Pattern Play Calendar
Envelope Template - Click HERE to get for free!
Glue Stick
Steps to Make Mini Envelope:
1. Print out envelope template attached above. Cut along dotted lines to create a pattern. Trace that pattern onto your pattern calendar sheet. Position the template as seen above in the photo to trace.
2. After you trace the envelope template onto the calendar sheet, then cut along the dotted lines to create your envelope template shape.
3. Using a ruler, fold in the two side flaps and bottom flap.
4. Fold the two side flaps in and the bottom flap up as shown above. Then, fold over the top flap to form the envelope. Using a glue stick, glue the bottom flap to the side flaps. A little glue on the edge of the side flaps is al you need. Fold back together and hold closed for glue to adhere.
5. You can use another sheet of paper or cardstock to cut a small card to slide into the envelope. Add your message and voila...a pretty little Valentine.
You can also use this DIY project to create a gift card envelope for a friend's birthday, a wedding gift or just a little thank you note for a friend or family member. Happy Making!