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Creative Consulting - 1 on 1 Creative Business Coaching

Creative Consulting - 1 on 1 Creative Business Coaching

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Are you thinking of starting a creative business and not sure where to start? Have you created something beautiful but you’re not quite sure how to sell it? (Or who to sell it to?) Do you feel stuck in your artisan business and you ‘re not quite how to keep moving forward? Mainly, you need to be able to get answers to specific questions for your business that online courses and workshops just don’t answer, am I right?

Let’s schedule a 1 on 1 conference where I can answer your questions and help you create a plan for moving your business to the next level!


1 Once you’ve placed your order you will receive a welcome email with a Coaching Questionnaire.

2. Fill Out and return the Coaching Questionnaire to . When you return your questionnaire , please let me know your preferred availability. (At this point I take 2-3 days to research your business details to pack the most information into our coaching session.)

3. You will be emailed to choose a date for your coaching session (via Zoom.)
Coaching sessions last 1 hour and 15 minutes.


What my clients are saying:

"I am beyond grateful to Jennifer for our 1 on 1 coaching session. Jennifer had clearly spent time reviewing my business and items. She gave me guided feedback as to the things that worked and didn’t work. One of the things she suggested I work on was the photographing of my products. For this, she gave me diligent and specific suggestions and examples as to how I could make them better.  Because I was all over the place with how best to sell my products (etsy, shopify, square, instagram/facebook, markets, etc) she was able to talk me through and narrow down my best avenues that would help me create the most success. One of my biggest takeaways from our session was the suggestion to make stickers out of my watercolors. This has truly been a game changer! Most of all, she gave me encouragement. Jennifer was so kind, she took her time to listen to me and to walk me through her suggestions. She encouraged me to continue creating, to utilize my unique products, and to keep going for it! I was able to revamp my small business strategy and re-focus, utilizing the techniques she suggested, in doing that my business has been more successful than ever!" 

-Lindsey Parks