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Why Sending a Thank You Note Never Goes Out of Style

In this digital age of virtual happy hours, electronic invitations, and emoji texts, it’s nice to know that there is still tangible, handwritten stationery that arrives in our mailbox. Thank you notes are the perennial paper product. Whether its for a wedding gift, sympathy flowers or donation, we sit down and handwrite a special note to thank the sender for their thoughtfulness.

The thank you note is an amazing tradition that has stood the test of time. In the early 1400’s Europeans began exchanging greeting cards with friends and family. Then, in 1856, Pouis Prang, brought thank you notes to the United States after immigrating from Germany. Postage stamps were issued in the United States in 1840 and that, along with Prang bringing the thank you note to states, helped bring thank you notes into the mainstream of our culture.

Today, there may be many electronic communications that will send an “e-thank you note” to any email address, but these e-cards just aren’t as personal as a physical card. A handwritten note with a friend or family members handwriting and special words shows appreciation in a heart-warming way. Even as an adult, we still love seeing a letter or card in the mailbox with our name on it. Luckily, that hasn’t changed with the advent of technology.

Some may say that the handwritten thank you note is actually elevated in importance in today’s electronic world. We cherish receiving a unique card with a personal note from our friend or family. I know that having a handwritten note from my great-grandmother is very special to me. I try to keep that in mind and make sure I write notes to my family members, so they have a piece of me in the future.

I honestly believe that people a thousand years from now will still be using their “handwriting” and putting “space-pen” to “recycled paper” to show appreciation to others. And, in our lifetime, I’m positive that sending thank you notes will never go out of style!