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Mini-Garland Wall Detail

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If you’ve looked around my blog, and now that you’ve seen my home tour, you have a pretty good idea of my style.  I love adding unexpected touches here and there and love how people have been using garlands and buntings to decorate year round. So, I thought I’d put together a mini-version to add to my wall display. The wall needed something with a more vintage-y, rustic look so solid color papers just wouldn’t do. These book page leaves ad the perfect effect don’t you think?

Wouldn’t you love to create your own? Start by cutting out various sized, simple shape, “leaves” by hand.
Then, sort out the leaves by size and arrange them in line so that they have a random look.  You can either line them up straight or in a slight curve, whichever you prefer.
Use a masking tape (mine is narrow artist’s tape but whatever you have on hand is fine) to hold your layout in place.
Start at one end with a neutral thread and sew using a small, running stitch to sew the garland.  It’s super simple and comes together quite quickly.  (My favorite kind of project!)
Be sure to leave the beginning and ending threads at about 4-5 inches so you’ll have a way to attach your garland.
Mine is tied onto 2 small brad nails. Then I covered each end by tying the brown plaid bows and adding them to each nail as well.


A quick and easy project with very minimal clean-up! If you love projects with book pages, like I do, check out my book page round-up here!

Have a wonderful weekend!