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Happy Holidays Editable Photo Card

Happy Holidays Editable Photo Card
As part of our 12 Days of Giving we have designed a Happy Holidays Editable Photo Card. You can quickly upload your photo to the card, save the design, print or download and have printed at your favorite printing vendor. To make this process super simple, we have design this card using Canva. Canva is a free website (and app) and is very easy to use.
Just click HERE and you'll be sent to Canva. 

Click on the purple "edit template" button. Sign in or sign up for Canva. Then, upload your photos and change text drag and drop your family photo into template and double click on the text box to edit. When done, click "print cards" button or download to a png file and have your favorite local printer print them for you.

If you'd like to download the PDF for this giveaway, you can click HERE.

Here are some frequently asked questions, if you a have any issues:

Do I have to create a Canva account to edit this template?

Yes. It's very easy to create a Canva account and you can even use your Google account information to create your account in one click. Once you have an account, you can quickly and easily edit this template.

My image won't fit into the template space provided. What do I do?

Once you upload your image, click on the image in the uploaded area to the left of the screen and hold while dragging it over to the template you want to edit. Your image should pop into the frame and replace the existing image. You can then double-click on the image to crop and adjust in the image area. If that doesn't work, choose another photo that fits the shape of the spot better.

How do I change the text on the template?

It's easy! Just double click on the text box and the cursor will appear, so you can delete, change or add text as needed.

What if I make a mistake or mess up the template?

No worries! If you make a mistake and want to quickly fix it, just use the Undo arrow located in the blue bar at the top left side of the page. If you made multiple mistakes and want to start over, just click on the link above again and you'll get a fresh template to use.

What if I have more questions about how to use Canva?

Canva is a wonderful tool that you can use to design anything for your business or personal needs. If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about how to use features, Canva has their very own free design school. Click here for Canva help.


Happy Holidays to you and yours!