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DIY Washi Tape Flags

When Jennifer told me one of the new products she was designing was Washi Tape, I got REALLY excited. Why? Well, if I am being honest, I'm a bit of a washit tape addict. I'm not actually sure how you clinically classify the addiction, but I have bins filled with washi tape. [Picture proof below.] I even use washi tape on my tape dispenser, instead of just using regular old clear tape.
I've used washi tape for so many things. The list is endless, but here are some of my favorites: highlight special days in my planner, bookmarks, "post-it" flags on notes, to decorate simple white frames, cake banner, drink stirrers and what I'm showing you how to make today...CUPCAKE TOPPERS!
This is the perfect way to quickly personalize and upscale your store bought or homemade cupcakes. All you need is washi tape and toothpicks or small wooden craft sticks. It's really so simple that you don't need directions, but here is a quick tutorial.
Now, I was lucky enough (I've got connections, you see...) to get my hands on two rolls of the NEW Tulip Design Co Washi Tape that is officially launching on Monday, September 26th!  So, I decided it was the perfect time to make some cupcake toppers using this new product. And, boy, was I impressed! Here are some pictures form my DIY-ing session. 
So, be sure to check back at the Tulip Design Co. shop on 9/26/22 to make sure you get your very own washi tape with exclusive artwork by Jennifer! I mean the bees....right!?!?! How can you ever say no to bees? Happy Crafting!